According to the British ” Daily Mail” reported recently

According to the British ” Daily Mail” reported recently , wildlife photographer Andrew Walmsley • National Park in Sulawesi , Indonesia to take a heartbreaking scene: a grieving mother hugged it macaque hold dead children , and when a male macaque trying to close and touch the kids when they were females Ziya intimidation and off.
Photo of macaque mothers and newborns crested black macaque belong , has been listed as critically endangered species. According to Walmsley introduction, monkey baby was born and died a few weeks , and the sad mother macaques it tightly across their chests want kids feed it and give baby monkey grooming , his eyes filled with sorrow looking at the front. A male monkey tried to touch the baby monkey , macaque mother was Ziya scare and again been pushed . Walmsley said macaque mother had died embrace children for two days, “When you see the kind of behavior you will realize that nothing different between us and them .”

It is reported that the biggest threat crested black macaque from human hunting activities. Their meat is considered delicious in Indonesia , especially in the major holidays , such as Christmas and Easter.